Wendy's Is The Latest Chain To Bring Back Its Fish Sandwich

Restaurant chains have fought for years over who has the best fast food chicken sandwich, but the real debate lies in who dishes out the best fried fish sandwich. According to Thrillist, Culver's cod sandwich, Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich, and Long John Silver's pollock sandwich can't touch Popeyes' Cajun Flounder Sandwich, which supposedly ranks as the number one seafood sandwich among popular chains. With stiff competition like this, Wendy's enters the fray this year with a lot to prove.

Chewboom reports that back in 2021, Wendy's revamped their fish sandwich in a number of ways. The restaurant switched out cod for panko-crusted Alaskan pollock and served up a sandwich featuring lettuce, tartar sauce, a pickle, and a slice of cheese. This sandwich with its latest changes appears to have made an impact with diners across America, and Wendy's plans to bring back the sandwich. After last year's sandwich revamp, many might wonder what the chain has in store for the sandwich this year.

The return of Wendy's fish sandwich

Fan's of last year's fish sandwich from Wendy's can take heart. According to The Street, the fast food chain has brought back its Alaskan pollock sandwich at locations across America for a brief period of time. The brand plans to outperform Burger King and McDonald's with their take on this sandwich and offered a defense as to why Wendy's switched from cod. "The wild Alaskan pollock filet provides a similar flavor experience and comes from the world's largest certified sustainable fishery," a company spokesperson said. "Each year only about 15% of the population is caught, leaving an abundant population to thrive for future generations."

Wendy's also shared that while the menu item is available for a limited time at all locations, some locations may carry the fish sandwich year-round. The chain also shared that the sandwich should look identical to its appearance last year, goes great with a Dr. Pepper, and fans of the sandwich can order it without cheese. The word's still out if this latest incarnation of Wendy's pollock sandwich can stack up against Popeyes' flounder sandwich, but at this rate, it looks like Wendy's is ready to enter the fried fish sandwich wars.