Instagram Is Drooling Over Amanda Freitag's Easy Chica Adobo Fish Stew Recipe

Amanda Freitag has truly made a name for herself in the culinary world. According to Food Network, she has judged on "Chopped," tried out to win the title of America's next "Iron Chef," and even took Bobby Flay on in a head-to-head cooking competition. She worked as a chef throughout New York City and Paris, and has traveled the world seeking out new flavor combinations.

The chef has found a way to bring her signature touch to a variety of dishes, including a unique chica adobo fish stew. Freitag took to Instagram to show off the cooking process, and posted a video of the soup cooking action. She started by pouring some olive oil into a hot pot and adding in shallots, onions, and garlic. She then added a chica adobo spice blend and potatoes, along with vegetable stock and plum tomatoes. After cooking for five minutes, Freitag added in some white fish and green olives, and topped the meal off with fresh herbs and a slice of crusty bread.

She captioned the recipe video with text reading, "Who knew stew could be this good? I did. Spice up this week's dinner menu with my Chica Adobo Fish Stew, a new staple in your #EasyAF meal arsenal. Cook with someone special and let me know what you think!"

Followers love the easy recipe

Amanda Freitag struck a chord with fans thanks to the simple cooking Instagram post. Followers chimed in with, "Easy AF indeed! Beautiful!!" and, "Love you Chef Amanda! This looks glorious!" Others simply responded with, "DELICIOUS," and "Lovely." Some users applauded the recipe, commenting with, "This looks fabulous, so appreciate your video showing all the steps!! Thank you! This fish stew looks great and something I can make," and, "I can't wait to make this! Keep the one pot dishes coming..."

Others quickly dashed for a pen and paper to record the Instagram video, saying, "Scribbling notes like I'm watching Emeril Live pre-internet," while another fan wondered, "Looks amazing! What white fish did you use? Cod?" At the end of the day, Freitag's fans found a ton to love in this one-pot stew that had viewers drooling. The overall sentiment among viewers could get summed up in one single take offered by a fan of the video — "Delicious!!"