The Hilarious Way TRUFF's New YouTube Series Challenges Celebrities

Competitors on a new YouTube cooking series are going to want the judge to yell, "What the TRUFF?!" as they're scoring their dishes. That may be a confusing statement — after all, isn't passionate yelling not always the best indicator of culinary mastery? However, this is fitting for a show hosted by TRUFF hot sauce, a line of affordable, truffle-infused condiments.

The show, aptly named, "WHAT THE TRUFF?!" and streaming every other week on the TRUFF Kitchen YouTube channel, will feature guests such as model Brittney Palmer and skateboarder Boo Johnson, according to Us Magazine. The episodes, about 10 minutes long, are hosted and judged by creative director and TRUFF partner Tal Cooperman. Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, was the show's first contestant. Viewers on YouTube can watch the electronic music producer whip up a pot of spicy TRUFF macaroni with Cooperman, who provides his own thoughts and commentary on the dish along the way.

You'll want the judge to yell, 'What the TRUFF?!'

According to FoodSided, the "WHAT THE TRUFF?!" series specifically challenges contestants to get creative and make meals that are unconventional, yet delicious. The cooks' hope is to elicit a high score from 1 to 10 and a "What the TRUFF?!" response from the judge, Cooperman. In the series' first episode with deadmau5, Cooperman states that the show will feature a variety of guests, including those who don't have a culinary background. Coupled with the fact that some guests won't even know how to cook at all, this challenge is especially high-stakes. However, deadmau5 seems to not only surprise the judge and entrepreneur, but also himself with how good his spicy beef jerky mac and cheese turns out to be.

The show is still in its early stages but appears to have received mainly positive reviews from commenters so far. As the YouTube series continues, fans may be curious to see just how inventive their favorite non-chef celebrities can be in the kitchen.