Sunny Anderson Has Instagram Users Sharing Their First-Job Memories

Sunny Anderson didn't just roll out of bed one day and become co-host of "The Kitchen." Indeed, she pounded the pavement through a series of service industry jobs, and yesterday, she waxed nostalgic about that period of her life on her Instagram page.

The post shows Anderson wearing a trademark funky outfit and purple beanie to match her tresses, accompanied by her adorable pooch Charlie on a leash. In the caption, she says that she had just "rolled by the new Taco Bell in the 'hood," then adds that the Mexican fast-food giant was her "third paying job" in high school. Prior to that, she worked at the hamburger joint Sonic, then spent time slinging pizzas at Little Caesars. She's also worked in the records department of Brooke Army Medical Center, sold skis and sporting goods at another shop, and done volunteer hours at the American Red Cross. Later, she completed an internship at an ABC affiliate station, which she notes was "before interns got paid."

That's not all, though! On weekends, she "would sometimes get to DJ at a nightclub I was too young to get into ... All these gigs whilst in high school. I like to work." Then, she asked fans what their first gig was, prompting a whole rainbow of diverse replies.

Fans chime in on their first paying jobs

Although some of Sunny Anderson's fans held pretty normal first jobs, others toiled in more unexpected ways. Instagrammer arfowler80's first paying job was detasseling corn in North Carolina, which they described as an "Awful job but was able to buy my Levi cords for school in several colors. Been working since I was 13!"

User shirleypattersonmoore had a more conventional job at a corner grocery store, but didn't make much money by today's standards. "Made $17.01 a week and I was happy!" she said. Then there was noeyorkcity, who worked as a cookie decorator earning "under the table" wages of $5 per hour. "Was put in charge of mixing icing colors for custom cookie orders," they recall.

But only fan lori.loveslife can rival Anderson's resume, having worked by age 12 shoveling snow, raking leaves, and delivering newspapers. "Then babysitting, lifeguard, junior camp counselor, assistant cook & dishwasher – all in high school," Lori says. Seems like Anderson's fans share her work ethic!