How Le Creuset's New Design Updates Make Cookware Easier To Handle

Le Creuset is a brand synonymous with high-end, enameled cast-iron Dutch ovens that seem to come in nearly every color. While these may be the brand's most popular products, other fans may appreciate Le Creuset's stoneware baking line. According to Le Creuset's website, the stoneware is both scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe, and the glazing ensures a nearly nonstick surface. As Food & Wine reports, the sturdy clay stoneware has the added bonus of being an efficient distributor of heat and withstanding cooking temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

With all of these features comes a pretty high price tag, with many of the brand's stoneware pieces clocking in at over $100, though there are a few that hover around the $50 to $80 range. However, many professionals say they're worth the investment since you're unlikely to need to replace them. Celebrity chef Richard Blais told Money, "[Le Creuset] is going to last forever. They're the type of products you pass down to your kids." But for those who have critiques about Le Creuset's user-friendliness, the brand just rolled out updated stoneware that it says will be easier to handle.

The bakeware's handles have been redesigned

Per Food & Wine, Le Creuset recently teamed up with high-end kitchenware company Williams Sonoma to make a few changes to its signature stoneware line. The main difference is a redesign of the handles on the casserole dishes and loaf pans. If you've ever tried to grab a hot, heavy dish while wearing bulky oven mitts, you may have struggled due to the smaller size of the handles. To combat this, Le Creuset engineered its updated 9-inch loaf pan and 3- and 4-quart casserole dishes to have wider handles. 

The products, available only on the William Sonoma website and in stores, also come with new stainless-steel knobs on the lids, which the brands say are easier to grab than the previous stoneware handles. The line has items ranging in cost between $55 and $130 and in glaze colors of red, gray, and white. Though these dishes' handles may be easier to grab, they're not heat-proof — so remember that it's still dangerous to use a wet oven mitt while holding them.