Trader Joe's New Cinnamon Gummies Are Turning Heads

A ton of gummy bears and similar sweets have wowed reviewers over the years, and the competition these days proves fiercer than ever. According to Pure Wow, Haribo Goldbears rank best overall, while those seeking out low-sugar gummies might prefer SmartSweets Sour Gummy Bears. Enough cinnamon gummies have come out to even warrant its own subcategory, and one reviewer believes Jelly Belly Cinnamon Gummy Bears rank supreme when it comes to delivering cinnamon flavor in gummy form. Trader Joe's now hopes to break into this niche gummy market thanks to their own take on cinnamon gummies, and the candy has attracted its fair share of attention.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist discovered this candy on a recent shopping trip and had to post the find online, alongside the caption, "NEW CINNA-DRAGONS $2.29 I have a feeling the gummy lovers will be very happy about this new item! I'm looking forward to sampling them soon! I feel like these will taste like cinnamon Swedish Fish and I am NOT mad about it!" Followers echoed this excitement and couldn't wait to jump into the fray.

Love for Trader Joe's Cinna-Dragons

Instagram followers couldn't hold back their excitement over this recent candy discovery. Gems like, "Awesome! cinnamon gummy bears are my fave candy so can't wait to try these!" and, "Oh yeeeah! Those are coming home with me!" poured in. One user applauded the ingredients, saying, "I need this, no gelatin and cinnamon!!!" while another jumped in with, "Heck yes! And I don't see any gluten in these (yes guys, a lot of gummies and licorice have gluten)." One Instagrammer even hopes these cinnamon candies can top all others, replying with, "Oh yes! Super excited! I love cinnamon bears so I'm hoping more like that! I had to stop the swimmers for a bit because I get a really crazy sugar high from them. I will be looking tomorrow when I'm in Burbank."

It looks like Trader Joe's might just find an audience with this new product. Shoppers may not associate spicy cinnamon flavor and gummies together too often, but it looks like the grocery chain plans to redefine expectations with this candy that has people talking.