A Walmart Employee's Trash Compactor 'Dilemma' Has Reddit Laughing

A Walmart employee was faced with a major dilemma — and no, it has nothing to do with the customers shopping at the store. The problem resided in their location's dumpster, to be specific. Someone who appears to be an employee at one of the chain's locations posted a cry for help in the Walmart community on Reddit, where people post all things Walmart from memes to new items at the store. The community, which has 156,000 members, has seen everything from dangerously expired salmon to an observation about the chicken shortage.

But in this case, the original poster had something to say about the trash situation at their store, and the picture they shared gained over 600 upvotes. The dilemma started was that they spotted a cardboard box that was completely intact inside of the store's garbage disposal. There was something that made this ordinary box so special, and that alone made them, along with many others in the comments, so conflicted over what to do.

They couldn't crush the box's "face"

The Reddit post featured a picture of a cardboard box sitting in the trash compactor and gave the online community a light-hearted insight into what it's really like to work at Walmart. The box had two circular holes that were perfectly distanced away from one another, in addition to an oval-shaped "mouth" a few inches below. This gave the illusion of the box having a face, thus prompting the user to caption the photo, "I can't bring myself to smush him. Somebody else is going to have to start the compactor." Some people in the comments were just as empathetic towards the box. One user wrote, "​​I don't think I would be able to do it honestly ... he's just got THAT face. My heart would hurt [too] much." Another user joked, "It's okay, he'll be reborn."

A few people also made assumptions about the box based on that one photo posted to the community. "He's already bleeding from the mouth, it's a mercy kill," a Redditor wrote, referring to the red rim around its "mouth." Another user told the original poster to "take him home and name him Fred." Though the box's fate remains unknown, it was definitely cared about deeply during its short life.