Hostess Just Brought Back A Sweet Twinkies Flavor For Spring

If you've been beginning to pine for warm weather and longer days, you're probably not alone. After a long, cold winter, there is a lot to look forward to about spring, and this year, fans of Twinkies will have a one more thing to be excited about when spring arrives. Hostess has just announced that one of their specialty flavors, Cotton Candy Twinkies, will be returning to shelves to help ring in the season.

According to Best Products, the sweet Cotton Candy Twinkies, which feature the snack's traditional golden sponge cake filled with bright pink, cotton candy-flavored cream, were first released in 2017. They are sold in a box of 10, and even the package is seasonally festive, featuring fun, colorful images of spring flowers. 

Alongside the Cotton Candy Twinkies, Hostess will also be bringing their Vanilla Cupcakes and Carrot Cake Donettes back to store shelves as part of their spring 2022 line-up, according to Brand Eating. Fans of these seasonal items might want to pick up a box of their favorite variety during their next grocery run. However, they will have to act quickly since Hostess's spring items will only be available from now through April 6, 2022.

Twinkies didn't start releasing limited-edition flavors until 2007

Hostess is no stranger to kicking off special seasons and events with limited-edition Twinkies flavors. Earlier this year, they brought back the fan-favorite Mixed Berry Twinkies as part of their Valentine's Day line-up, according to Brand Eating. And they helped their fans ring in the 2021 holiday season with the return of the Mint Chocolate Twinkles, which are made with chocolate sponge cake rather than the classic golden and filled with a mint creme filling (via Brand Eating).

While these days many fans may look forward to Twinkies special, limited-edition flavors, that wasn't always the case. When Twinkies were first invented in 1930, they only had one filing flavor: banana cream. However, during World War II, when bananas were difficult to come by, they adapted by changing the filling flavor from banana to vanilla, according to Snack History. Vanilla turned out to be more popular than the original, so that was the flavor that stuck. While over the years, the company did try to release different novelty flavors, they didn't have a successful speciality flavor until 2007, when the release of the "King Kong" movie sparked a demand for the original banana-flavored Twinkie. The company brought back the special-edition banana cream Twinkies for a limited time, and the rest is history.