A Chick-Fil-A Employee Had A Hilarious Response To A Customer's 1-Star Review

It's not uncommon for even the best restaurants to receive the occasional poor review. Even eateries that are usually on top of their game have those moments where something goes wrong. And the diner who bears the brunt of it might take to the internet to express their distaste.

The service industry has been spread especially thin because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Restaurant Association reported in August 2021 that despite strides made in restaurants reopening and people returning to work, the food industry was still a million employees short of the numbers in the pre-pandemic workforce. As a result, restaurants have had to adapt, with some closing more days out of the week than usual or having shorter hours. And naturally, that's brought the ire of diners who might not be as sympathetic to the root cause.

So, when a customer left a negative Google review about how slow the service was at one Chick-fil-A location, an employee at the same restaurant didn't get upset. Rather, they had a bit of fun with it.

The Chick-fil-A employee's response was hilarious

TikTok user @saulpur shared a Feb. 28 video that included a screenshot pulled from the Internet of a 1-star review for the Chick-fil-A where the 16-year-old is employed. They happen to be in the photo that the reviewer posted online. However, rather than get frustrated with the negative feedback, they turned it into a video that Chick-fil-A fans loved.

In the TikTok, @saulpur uses dialogue from the show "Euphoria" to illustrate the sarcastic displeasure with the fact that the photo in the review appears to make their rear-end look rather flat.

"They could [have] at least edited my booty to look bigger," they wrote in the caption. TikTok users loved the take and left comments rooting for @saulpur. "Working fast food is so brutal omg," one person wrote. "Y'all are working on something, does [the reviewer] not see that?? Be patient," someone else commented. Others talked about the TikToker's hilarious caption and their lighthearted take on the situation. Ultimately, most in the comments sided with @saulpur and noted that the reviewer shouldn't have taken the longer wait time so seriously. In the end, humor — and understanding — always win.

Customers have learned from viral Chick-fil-A TikToks

The employee's hilarious review might have been funny, but some Chick-fil-A TikToks have gone viral for being both funny and informative. Not long before @saulpur's TikTok exploded, another video surfaced from user edgarspam showing Chick-fil-A bags being put onto a conveyor belt and traveling over to the drive-thru lane. Users were shocked, amazed, and a bit confused at the process, which started with an employee attaching a bagged order to the belt and ended with the employee over at the drive-thru window receiving the food to then give to the customer.

"So my food goes on a rollercoaster before it gets to me?" one user joked in the comments. "That looks mad difficult," another person said, suggesting the "rollercoaster" might be more complex than an employee simply walking the bag over to the drive-thru window. A third joked that the food "will be cold by then" given how long the bag is traveling on the belt. It's unclear if every Chick-fil-A uses the conveyor belt method.

Though some Chick-fil-A TikToks go viral in the best way, others aren't so lucky. In 2020, Insider reported that a Chick-fil-A employee was fired after making a TikTok about the company's menu hacks.