An Alleged Costco Broth Discovery Has Fans Gagging

The government has issued recalls on a number of products in 2022 so far. According to the FDA, Golden Medal Mushrooms' enoki mushrooms had to get taken off of the shelves due to a listeria contamination, Snak Yard's dried plums (also known as prunes) disappeared over the presence of lead in the food, and Vanilla, Ginger, and Mocha Chip Batch Ice Cream got yanked from grocers over listeria concerns. Now, a broth from Costco might end up needing to get inspected and possibly recalled over a truly disgusting find that a Redditor showed off on social media. 

Over on r/Costco, a user posted a photo of some broth allegedly purchased from Costco that appears to contain worms. Their post was titled "Has anyone been able to contact customer service regarding a product? I found WORMS in bone broth.." With over 350 upvotes, the post has attracted its fair share of attention, mostly from shoppers who can barely contain their virtual retching at the sight of bugs floating in soup.

Visceral disgust over worm-filled soup

Redditors can't seem to stand the sight of this allegedly tainted bone broth. Advice poured in from others, such as one person who urged the poster to reach out to Costco. "This is a legit QC issue where they will want to know and May have to issue recall," they said. Another offered the sage advice of "Return to store and they will deal with the quality control complaint/damage to product complaint." Another Redditor expressed fear at the post, saying "I just bought these for my fiancé and now I'm nervous."

In addition to shock, horror, and advice, followers of the subreddit had a ton of jokes about the worms. One chimed in with, "It says "9g of protein! There should be more, you got ripped off," and another commented with, "You are paying too much for worms. Who is your worm guy?" In light of discussions about sending back the product for a refund, another Redditor decided to ask the hard question: "Do we have to give back the worms too?"

Despite some commenters deflecting with humor, most onlookers remained horrified. Only time will tell how Costco responds to this unfortunately squirmy mishap.