Viral TikTok Shows Starbucks Karen Throwing 'Tantrum' In Philadelphia

Those working in the fast-food industry know what it's like to deal with difficult customers. In fact, Redditors even have entire threads dedicated to "Karens," aka people who lose their temper when things don't go according to plan. For example, one Reddit user wrote about their "Karen" experience in the r/starbucks subreddit in 2021, claiming a customer demanded "a 2.5 shot latte, extra hot, with 'good foam'" and proceeded to finish it and then claimed that it should have been a warmer drink.

The customer returned to the Starbucks outlet that same day to announced that she needed "a remake" and even pushed a fellow customers who started an "intense argument with her." As if this weren't enough, the same customer made her third appearance in a week and allegedly said she only wanted white baristas to prepare her drink before verbally abusing a barista for charging money for the half shot that she ordered. The Redditor wrote, "[She] ended up banned in the district because she'd made a similar fuss at other stores."

And in early March, a TikTok user posted a video of a "Karen" throwing a huge tantrum at a Starbucks outlet in Philadelphia (via The Daily Dot).

The 'Karen' was told to leave the store

The video posted on TikTok shows a customer reacting angrily after she was told to leave a Starbucks store for reasons that aren't revealed in the video. But it looks like the customer didn't like what she heard and lashed out by throwing the store's food items before exiting the Starbucks outlet. Someone who was inside Starbucks at that point shot a video of the incident and shared it with other TikTok users, writing, "I witnessed a Starbucks Karen firsthand today."

Other TikTokers weren't pleased and posted angry comments on the video, making it clear that they didn't approve of the customer's behavior. A commenter wrote, "Can't believe she made it to adulthood" while another person said that they couldn't help but feel sorry for the Starbucks employees before adding, "They shouldn't be treated like personal servants even though their job is to serve customers." A TikToker also suggested that customers like this should be banned from the store and be told to pay for the damage they've caused.