Instagram Is Eating Up Martha Stewart's Simple Citrus Dessert

Martha Stewart has come up with a variety of dessert hits over the years. According to the personality's website, fans can't get enough of Stewart's chocolate chip cookies, apple crisp, no-bake cheesecake, apple pie, and much more. While these treats hold a special place in the hearts of diners across the country, sometimes, a simpler dish brimming with color can make a collection of fruit look utterly delectable. One of Stewart's recent and easy-to-make creations has captured the imagination of social media.

The celebrity posted a photo to Instagram of a citrus medley on a white plate alongside a caption reading, "While in California I was given a box filled with citrus of many kinds for dessert last night I supremed seven types of oranges and served them with [caramelized] blood orange slices ... So fresh so utterly delicious." The combination of colors and fruit enticed followers across Stewart's network, and fans couldn't wait to jump in and share their thoughts on the dessert.

Drooling over Martha Stewart's citrus

Fan's immediately pounced on the post and jumped in with their own takes on the confection. Excited replies like, "Beautiful!" and, "This is very well presented," poured in, while others simply responded with, "Looks fireeee," and, "My favorites!"

The citrus blend tempted other Instagrammers, who said, "This sounds very interesting to try," and, "Mouthwatering!" A separate user commented, "Delicious!!! Please post the recipe," while another fan said, "Only Martha can make oranges look so exclusive." One follower loved the sliced fruit, saying, "Martha, that is some knife work like never before. Please tell me you had some help! I can feel the stickiness just thinking about it!" The post even introduced another user to new fruits, who replied with, "I've lived 70 (great) years on this earth and never heard of supreming an orange. I had to look up the meaning. What's the lesson in this? It's never too late to learn something new. Thank you and all the best!"

Overall, the simple dish amazed onlookers and fans could sum up the dish in one word — "Yum."