Trader Joe's Brought Back These Succulents Just In Time For Women's History Month

These days, March is known as National Women's History Month in the United States. The tradition got its start in 1981 when Congress passed Pub. L. 97-28 to designate the week of March 7, 1982, as "Women's History Week," according to It was moved to a whole month in 1987, and ever since then, March has been set aside to recognize the many accomplishments and contributions women have made throughout history that may have been overlooked. While there are many ways to celebrate Women's History Month, from studying important female historical figures to supporting women-centered nonprofits that address issues women still face today, it might also be fun to add a little women-themed decor to your surroundings this month. And Trader Joe's is trying to appeal to customers who want to do just that.

To help kick off Women's History Month, the store has brought back its Lady with Tillandsia potted plants. These succulents might look like they're trying to have a staring contest with you. They feature a line drawing of a woman's face on the front of a pastel-colored pot, with a Tillandsia, or air plant, growing out of the top. A TJ's fan found them on sale for $8.99 per plant, according to Instagram.

These succulents received praise on social media

Some Trader Joe's fans gushed about the returning succulents. The popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist made a post asking followers, "How cute are these?" The admirer added, "I'm always a fan of a succulent that also doubles as hair for the vase it lives in! I also just love the side eye this lady is giving." User @selfcare2416 agreed, exclaiming, "Yes! I'm into the side eye."

TJ's fan account @traderjoesnew also dedicated a whole post to this product, writing, "Adorable cute little lady plants just in time for women's history month. I love how simple they are to maintain, simply keep in medium in-direct sunlight and mist lightly every four weeks." While at least declared the plants that stare back "creepy," these Instagram posts received many positive responses. Various followers peppered their replies with lots of heart and heart-eye emojis or lavished the plants with compliments about how "cute" they are. "Omg I need! If I see these next time I [go] I'm getting!" @my_happy_place_is_target raved. Some thought the plants seemed fun. At the very least, Trader Joe's is probably hoping they'll grow on people.