The Sweet Way McDonald's Thanked A DoorDash Driver In A Viral TikTok

Working for a food delivery app can be a tough gig, so one DoorDash driver was delighted when they arrived at a McDonald's to collect a to-go order and were rewarded with a "driver appreciation day" goodie bag. A viral TikTok posted by Uber Chroniclez of S&J with the caption, "Thank you McDonald's," shows a bag stocked with candy, a thank you note, and a coupon for a free McDonald's combo meal. It's likely that the gesture benefited both the driver and the hamburger chain: After getting the first swag bag, the driver said, "I accepted all McDonald's orders today," then panned the video to show their pile of goodie bags waiting to be enjoyed.

This incentive may engender a bit of goodwill among delivery drivers for the chain restaurant, which is sometimes associated with low-tipping customers. Said @user2546252488219, "People who order McDonald's don't tip. So McDonald's gotta make up for it to get drivers to pick up orders." TikTok user @knightdawn called it a "good way to get drivers to accept orders." Even if Uber Chroniclez of S&J didn't get tipped a dime that day, it looks like they're set on food for the week with all of those coupons.

That's one way for McDonald's to get more orders delivered

The TikTok comments section heaped praise on the DoorDash driver for making the most out of the McDonald's maneuver. "Hustle smarter, not harder," wrote @ritchie41186. Said Jazmin Velasquez, "I always pass on McDonald's orders. I wish I saw this earlier." User Heather Lowrey was pleasantly surprised by the gesture, saying, "nice to show that someone actually cares about their delivery drivers." And others just found the TikTok to be hilarious in general, "LMAO! I lost it when he shown the passenger seat," said Gavin S Iron.

Though Uber Chroniclez of S&J certainly enjoyed the driver appreciation promotion, it doesn't seem to have been a chain-wide event. Many commenters asked which McDonald's branch handed out the goodie-filled baggies, but no public response was made by the TikToker. Regardless, this viral video may encourage more DoorDash drivers to start accepting McDonald's orders — or others to begin driving for the service in general. Said user Mailee Catherine, "my sign to start doing doordash." What can we say? People love free food. And candy.