Freddy's Just Brought Back A Fan-Favorite Shake For St. Patrick's Day

Any occasion involving ice cream is a joyous day. This year, Freddy's is making St. Patrick's Day feel extra special by bringing back a fan-favorite item that will make anyone feel like they've struck gold. Like McDonald's Shamrock Shake and Dunkin's Shamrock Macchiato, this returning classic is in the shade of a four-leaf clover. The restaurant chain already enables you to order a mint-flavored custard by combining different items on its menu (via Freddy's USA), but it's brought three tasty treats to the table that are bright shades of green for the approaching holiday, according to a press release sent to Mashed. 

The special offerings include an Oreo Mint Sandwich and an Oreo Mint Concrete. Freddy's concretes are exactly what they sound like — creamy, frozen custards blended with other ingredients to create a mixture so thick, they can be served "upside down." The limited-edition concrete was officially announced to the public a while ago, as it appeared in a company's Instagram post earlier this year on January 28.

Milk and cookies? More like mint and cookies!

There is some hype centered around these minty treats. The brand posted a 17-second video to Instagram with the caption, "The OREO® Mint Concrete is back! Fresh and creamy frozen custard blended with cool mint and crunchy OREO® Cookies, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with OREO®Cookie crumbs. A treat you can't resist!" Fans in the comments responded excitedly and wrote, "My favorite flavors," and, "YUMMM." The restaurant also posted a picture of its OREO Mint Sandwich, and multiple Instagrammers commented, "Yummy."

In the press release sent to Mashed, Freddy's proclaimed that these items were the perfect way for customers to satisfy their "green cravings," along with its newly re-introduced OREO Mint Shake. Freddy's shakes typically come in vanilla or a chocolate variety, according to Freddy's USA, so the twist is extra special. Freddy's menu most definitely has some St. Patrick's Day excitement for its customers this year.