Trader Joe's New Black Tea Frozen Dessert Is Turning Heads

If Trader Joe's were a parent and its aisles were its offspring (stay with us), its frozen dessert section would be a strong contender for the golden child. Whether it's a brightly hued box of cranberry orange bars, a six-pack of oat milk ice cream sandwiches, or a case of mini coconut cones, the food retailer's sweets freezers often have something new and enticing on deck. 

In an Instagram post yesterday, @traderjoeslist and @traderjoesglutenfree continued that theme when it treated its followers to some very sweet midweek news: the release of Trader Joe's new Black Tea and Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert with Tapioca Pearls. A play on the wildly popular bubble tea — a drink that originated in Taiwan in the 80s and contains chewy, smooth tapioca balls in flavored milk tea — the vegan and gluten-free dessert is drawing tons of excitement on Instagram, Reddit, and elsewhere in the Trader Joe's-verse. 

The treat's instant popularity is no surprise given that its fraternal twin, Trader Joe's dairy-free cold brew boba frozen dessert, received viral acclaim when it came out last year. Here's what people are saying about the new release.

Many commenters are all about the boba

Kicking off with an "Omgomg!!!" from Austin food blogger @atasteofkoko, the announcement from @traderjoeslist — an account that posts about the newest Trader Joe's products — was met with positive reactions nearly across the board. Several people claimed they'll eat anything with boba in it. Some people expressed mild concern about its 30 grams of added sugar, but others looked past it. "I don't care if it's got a lot of sugar," writes one user. "It's ice cream." 

With its coconut milk base, the dessert joins the ranks of Trader Joe's substantial roster of dairy-free sweets, including its Vegan Cookies & Cream Vanilla Bean Bon Bons. One commenter writes, "Anything Boba I am down with! Gluten free and dairy free on top makes this a dream!" 

At $4.49, the pint is a tad pricier than other Trader Joe's ice creams — its Matcha Green Tea flavor costs $2.99, according to PureWow. But if it's as good as TJ's Cold Brew Coffee and Boba flavor, many shoppers won't think twice about ponying up the cash.