The Truth About Dustin Hogue From The Julia Child Challenge

"The Julia Child Challenge" hopes to take its viewers on a memorable ride this month. According to the Food Network, the new show will feature eight talented home cooks as they try to outdo each other on a show that remembers Julia Child and her infamous contributions to the food industry. The reality competition show is a tribute to the chef in more ways than one, as the participants will have to recreate the chef's famous dishes, and will also be sharing stories of how Child has impacted their lives from early on.

Fans will be able to catch the action starting March 14 on the Food Network and Discovery Plus. Courtney White, President of Food Network and Streaming Food Content of Discovery Inc., said in a statement, "Julia Child is a culinary hero to cooks everywhere — her love of food and sense of humor set the tone for this one-of-a-kind competition."

One of the contestants on the show is an entrepreneur from Chicago, Dustin Hogue.

Hogue appreciates fitness and food

"The Julia Child Challenge" contestant, Dustin Hogue, enjoys food and fitness, and he enjoys pushing his limits in both arenas. 

Per his Facebook profile, he is fro Kansas City and joined the military several years after finishing high school. Somewhere along the way, he took the initiative to explore his passion for food and hone his cooking skills. According to his LinkedIn profile, Hogue has also worked as a fitness instructor, and he comes from an athletic background as he played basketball in high school. He now owns Live Good Journey, a wellness brand that encourages people to achieve "balance through movement, food, and life."

As far as being a part of the "The Julia Child Challenge," Hogue is immensely proud to have made it to the competition and wrote in an Instagram post about being "obsessed with cooking shows" as a kid. He explained, "Julia was all about making cooking accessible to the home cook, embracing the little kitchen foibles, and sharing food with loved ones. I couldn't be more proud to have experienced cooking in her kitchen and competing against some of the countries best home cooks!"