Insomnia Cookies Just Dropped New Fruity Flavors For Spring

Winter Storm Quinlan may still be in the news, but brands will insist we've entered springtime. Cue Insomnia Cookies, which has introduced two new flavors to capture the change of seasons. After a couple of teasers, the company finally revealed their new flavors to Instagram on March 8. One is a hibiscus cookie with strawberries, cranberries, and white chocolate. The other is a classic pairing of lemon with poppy seeds. The duo are only available for a limited time: According to QSR, the cookies will disappear on April 4, when it's properly spring.

In a follow-up video Instagram post in which strawberries and lemons are "transformed" into cookie form, commenters have already started to profess their love for the flavors. "LEMON IS BACK!!!!!!!!! MY LIFE BEGINS AGAIN!!!!" one very excited person exclaimed. "These were both so delicious I can't pick a fav," another agreed. A few people asked hopefully for vegan versions.

Hibiscus is predicted to boom in 2022

As noted by QSR, Insomnia Cookies is highlighting hibiscus as representative of spring because the flavor is enjoying a trend (lemon, meanwhile, simply reminds the company of the season). In fact, Andrea Hernandez, the creator of the trend-predicting newsletter Snaxshot, told Thrillist back in June 2021 that hibiscus would enjoy massive popularity in 2022. "My joke is that hibiscus is the new matcha," she said. Of course, as Snaxshot is enormously influential, it could have helped to create the hibiscus boom by predicting there would be one, thereby encouraging companies like Insomnia Cookies to ride the wave.

Whatever the case, the boom is here and it is happening, as Hour Detroit points out. Even Whole Foods has lent its name to seeing hibiscus as one of the new food trends. So, Insomnia's hibiscus cookies are apparently here to stay — at least, until April 4.