The Ridiculous Number Of Hot Dogs Costco Sells Every Year

A staple at stadiums and street vendors, hot dogs are a quintessentially American treat. Whether they're smothered in fried onions, dunked in rivers of mustard, or simply (and a little bit strangely) eaten plain, hot dogs are capable of staving off hunger and improving just about any situation.

It's little wonder then that wieners are so popular. First introduced to America from Germany in 1860, History explains that demand for hot dogs surged during the 1930s — with the dish even being served to the British royal family. These days, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimates that 20 billion hot dogs are eaten every year in the U.S. — an average of 70 per person.

It is therefore no surprise that businesses are keen to gain from the success of hot dogs — and with its legendary hot dog and soda combo, Costco is certainly one of them. Since its introduction in 1985, the price of Costco's meal deal has never changed, remaining at $1.50 (reports Insider). Given that Costco appears to have faith in its unaltered pricing, the company's hot dogs must remain popular with customers — but exactly how many hot dogs does Costco sell each year?

Costco boasts millions of hot dog sales every year

The logic behind Costco's continued investment in hot dogs is that they are a useful tactic for drawing customers into its stores (and encouraging them to return), according to Mental Floss. Sales data for Costco's hot dogs suggests that this theory is very effective — the company sells 151 million every year, reveals Puget Sound Business Journal, equating to approximately $226 million.

Costco's commitment to hot dogs is also shown in the ingredients it uses to make them. As well as claiming to use 100% beef, the sandwiched sausages contain no artificial colors or flavorings, byproducts, or phosphates, according to Kitchn.

Perhaps Costco is rather fortunate with the impact it has managed to achieve on hot dog sales. According to research by Business Wire, the hot dog and sausage market in North America is estimated to be worth over $26 billion, while the global industry is believed to be in excess of $75 billion, details PR Newswire.