Here's How Blaze Pizza Recommends Reheating Its Pies

Unless you're a staunch supporter of cold pizza, chances are you've been on the receiving end of the internet's conflicting advice regarding reheating leftover slices. There's the microwave for the famished and unfussy; the air fryer for the modernists; the cast-iron skillet for the purists; the griddle for people who like to use the word "retrogradation"; the gas grill for the exhibitionists; and the oven for everyone else.   

The reason reheating pizza can be tricky — aside from the fact that we as a society contain multitudes when it comes to pizza preferences — is due to the degradation rate of pizza ingredients after they reach a certain temperature. "Over time, the moisture from the sauce and water, plus the fat from the cheese (and any meat), seeps into the crust, creating what pizza connoisseurs know as 'the gum line' — that layer between the sauce and crust that looks like raw dough," explains Popular Science

Luckily, there's an art to getting that fresh-tasting slice back. If you ask Blaze Pizza, the Pasadena-based fast-casual chain that churns out customizable oven-fired pies in a Chipotle-style assembly line, there's one method for reheating 'za that rises above them all.

Step away from the microwave

"What's the best way to reheat my Blaze Pizza?" is the first question on the FAQ section of the chain's website. The answer follows: "Please, please, please step away from the microwave! For best results, place a cookie sheet in your oven and preheat to 425 degrees. Remove your pizza from its box and place it in the oven on the preheated cookie sheet. Bake just until cheese melts (about 2-3 minutes). Enjoy!" 

There you have it. Just like when you're baking bread from scratch or roasting vegetables, preheating the tray helps your leftover pizza crisp up quickly and evenly. Plus, since the hot tray will immediately start warming the crust and underside of the pizza, your slices don't have to stay in the oven for long, meaning the cheese and toppings won't get scorched.

As mentioned, you should never reheat your pizza in the microwave because the sugar molecules in the dough will melt and then firm back up when exposed to cool air yielding that soggy-gummy texture we mentioned earlier. Instead, stick to Blaze Pizza's method — your slice might not be exactly the same as it was when it first arrived at your door, but it will still be delicious.