The Ice Cream You Need To Know About If You're Dairy-Free

Whether you're vegan, lactose intolerant, or just avoiding dairy, finding a good dairy-free ice cream can be an uphill battle. And for many people, a life without ice cream is just not an option. 

There are many brands of dairy-free ice cream, but some can be thin, watery, or just downright flavorless. Food Republic identifies the root of this problem: Many dairy products provide fat, which gives ice cream a fluffy, smooth texture. Without adequately replacing this fat, non-dairy ice cream can fall flat.

So Delicious is one of the top-ranked dairy-free ice cream brands. All the So Delicious flavors, except the soy milk base, contain coconut oil to help replace the fat that many ice creams derive from dairy (via So Delicious). Another thing that sets the brand apart is that it offers multiple bases so customers can have more choices and even find allergen-friendly options. Now, the brand is launching another variety with a new base.

So Delicious launches Wondermilk ice cream

So Delicious has added a new variation to its lineup — Dairy-Free Wondermilk Frozen Dessert. According to a press release, the company makes its Wondermilk base from a mixture of different plant-based sources. The vanilla flavor product description on its website lists a blend of water, coconut oil, sunflower oil, pea protein, and rice starch, among other ingredients. The new variety is available now in pints in multiple flavors: butter pecan, vanilla, chocolate cocoa chip, cookies and creme, and strawberry, plus salted caramel and vanilla peanut sundae cones.

According to the So Delicious website, its previous ice cream bases are cashew, coconut, oat, soy, and almond milk. The cashew milk variety made the list of the best dairy-free ice creams from Go Dairy Free, and the coconut milk-based pints made New York magazine's list. 

Now, the brand has a new variety that could contend for future rankings.