The Candy Miley Cyrus Would Always Look Out For On Halloween

Miley Cyrus has kept fitness magazines in print and chasing their tails since she first came on the scene. After all, it takes a lot of effort to party in the U.S.A. year after year, and for a fearless performer like Cyrus, her abs probably have to be at least as strong as her vocal cords. The singer tellsĀ Women's Health that her toned physique is thanks to a variety of healthy activities like Pilates, Ashtanga yoga, and even squat-singing, in which Cyrus combines wall sits with vocal exercises. And the health and fitness mags lap it up, running story after story about Cyrus singing on the treadmill (per Shape). But is anyone telling us what we really need to know?

Thank goodness for People magazine. They understand that the average person who aspires to Cyrus-status is more likely to pick up the star's favorite food (or food named after her) than they are to sign up for Pilates classes. People knows to ask the hard-hitting questions, to really get at the core (no Pilates pun intended) at what makes Cyrus tick, at who she is as a person. In other words...what kind of Halloween candy does she like?

Not one to be be-twix-t and between

Halloween candy comes in all shapes and sizes, from fun-sized Snickers bars to full-sized Hershey's bars. But there can only be one Halloween candy for Miley Cyrus, according to People. Er, actually; make that two. "All I wanted was a Twix," Cyrus told People in 2007 about her Halloween treat of choice. "I was like, 'Can I go through your bag and get me a Twix out?' That's all I really like."

Leave it to Cyrus to be controversial. Everyone knows that Twix bars aren't the innocuous, caramel-and-cookie, chocolate-covered innocent sweet that they claim to be. Their own website describes Twix bars as having a troubled history, with an origin story filled with family secrets, betrayal, and an eventual rift between brothers that led to the not-quite-cookie, not-quite-chocolate-bar we know today.

Whether you prefer the left Twix or the right Twix tells us everything we need to know about your identity. As for which Twix Cyrus prefers, mum's the word, at least as far as we know. But given the energy she needs to keep up her regimen of cardio-singing, vocal-cord squats, and Ashtanga, let's hope she just eats both.