Why Daphne Oz Will Never Compromise Flavor For Nutrition

In Daphne Oz's kitchen, it takes two to tango, with those two things being flavor and nutrition. Speaking with Eat This, Not That!, the "MasterChef Junior" judge shared that it's pertinent to her health (and taste buds) that she never compromises flavor for nutrition. "I can never eat something with the sole purpose of having it be healthy," she told the digital outlet. "...I'm of the opinion that taking good care of yourself should always be delicious."

Some may view comfort food, carbs, and desserts as the cardinal sins of healthy eating, but not Oz. The four-time cookbook author found a way to lean into her comfort food cravings while still keeping those beloved recipes nutrition-focused. When making a dish that calls for red meat or a combination of ground meats, she'll substitute it with solely ground turkey or other lean meat alternatives.

Oz also tries to squeeze in as many different vegetables as she can. She calls this process "lightening up." Oz added that utilizing "flavorful spices" and "high-quality protein" is key to creating tasty and nutrient-packed meals. Presently, "lightening up" is second nature to Oz, but that wasn't always the case.

To Daphne Oz, healthy eating doesn't come with restrictions

Daphne Oz may be the face of healthy cooking, but she braved an uphill battle with food well throughout her childhood. In an interview with Prevention, Oz candidly opened up about "being the overweight kid in a family full of health nuts," and how it impacted her relationship with food and cooking as an adult.

"I needed to rejigger my relationship to the love I felt for food, the connection I felt to food, and the joy I felt for food while also taking good care of my body and positioning myself to feel as confident as I could in my skin," she told the health magazine.

Having a health-conscious family did instill good eating habits in Oz. The "MasterChef Junior" host recalled how growing up in a vegetarian household made her appreciate veggies more. This inspired her to try out a plant-based diet, which she now loves. However, she never wanted healthy eating to feel like a "punishment", or to mean she had to give up her favorite foods.

"I eat with a great deal of balance as somebody who genuinely just loves food too much to ever feel restricted about it," she said. Oz may write cookbooks about healthy recipes, but she's all about moderation. Comfort food is always an option with the right ingredients.