Why You Should Think Twice About Using Mixers For Cocktails

What should a great cocktail have? What should it taste like and what's the best way to make it? There are no easy answers to these questions and there are scores of opinions on the subject. According to The Guardian, the two major ingredients in a cocktail are alcohol and ice, and if you really want an authentic cocktail, it's a good idea to add 50 ml of the "base spirit" and use enough ice to ensure that the drink is as cold as it should be and not heavily diluted. Side note: if you're ordering a drink at your favorite bar, you may want to avoid ice completely.

As a Redditor explained in the r/cocktails subreddit, it's essential to find the right balance between several flavors while perfecting a cocktail recipe. They wrote, "Ideally, a good drink shouldn't mask the taste of alcohol. It's there to be enjoyed. But a good drink should also not be overwhelming, because then it's not enjoyable."

Also, most folks would attest to the fact that mixers often form a crucial part of the cocktail-making process. However, it might be wise to turn them down and try something else for the sake of your health, according to Food & Wine.

They're not great for you

According to Food & Wine, the problem with most mixers is that they're loaded with artificial ingredients and added sugar (not the best option for your health). Additionally, they "make your semi-decent or decent booze taste worse" and can distract you from the actual flavors in your drink.

This sentiment is echoed by The Guardian, which advises readers to stick to fresh ingredients such as lemon, mint, and berries instead of using fruit juice or even a can of diet soda.

However, if you can't do without mixers, make sure that they're cold. As the Director of Beverage Operations at 16" on Center in Chicago, Mark Phelan explained to Insider, "Properly chilled carbonated mixers will better hold their bubbles and lower the temperature of the drink to an optimal level. The ice will melt more slowly, minimizing dilution and maximizing enjoyment as you sip."