Twitter Is Divided Over This Wisconsin Mustard Museum Sign

You may never guess, but mustard has a history of dividing America. According to Instacart, 17% of Americans hate mustard in general. Gen Z particularly can't stand the condiment, and 37% of this demographic feels absolutely repulsed by mustard. Types of this sauce have also caused heated discussion among condiment circles. Eat This, Not That! determined that Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard ranked as the best around, while Inglehoffer Original Stone Ground Mustard came in as the least wholesome.

A new debate on social media only proves to deepen the stigma underlying mustard's unassuming exterior. A tweet reading, "as seen at the Wisconsin mustard museum" recently popped up on Twitter, alongside an image of a sign stating, "The Russian mustards have been temporarily removed. They will return once the invasion of Ukraine is over and Russia recognizes and respects the sovereign nation of Ukraine." This staunch political stance ignited tempers and users across the social media platform immediately flooded in to share their thoughts over this polarizing statement.

A divisive take on mustard

The Twitter thread sparked an intense debate amongst users. Some users replied with takes like, "The thought process that leads to this is going to be used in much scarier ways in the years to come," and, "I'm starting to feel bad for Russian Americans rn."

Another didn't feel like the Wisconsin Mustard Museum's decision to hide the Russian mustard had any effect, saying, "Contrary to popular belief, this does literally nothing."

Others vehemently disagreed saying, "you're saying this like it's not reasonable but it f****** is," while another poked fun, saying, "I divorced my Russian wife in solidarity with Ukraine. It was difficult but I knew it was the right thing to do."

Others had saucy takes on the situation, saying, "Historians will look back and say that Putin lost the war when he lost the Wisconsin Mustard Museum," and, "Putin was gonna keep fighting full steam ahead but as soon as he hears about the Mustard Museum, boy will he be sorry!!"

Other tweets stoked the fires more, and included gems like, "OMG this is rather silly...nay! Petty. It's not as if they sold Russian mustard. It's like they are trying to erase Russia's contribution to condiments."

Despite both sides of the argument standing their ground, one astute tweet noticed something suspicious that would completely negate the sign — "They sell mustard from Russia in the gift shop."