Stanley Tucci Has His Own Cheese Wheel And Instagram Is Loving It

"When you're really serious about carbonara..." That's how Stanley Tucci of "Searching for Italy" described an Instagram post he uploaded two days ago. At first, you see a cheese wheel placed upon Tucci's kitchen island. Then, over the course of several pictures, you can follow him as he cracks open the wheel, chips a large hole into it, and prepares a dish of carbonara inside the wheel.

The final picture shows the opening paragraphs for a chapter on carbonara that Tucci wrote in his book, "Taste: My Life Through Food," which came out in October. His love for the dish is made abundantly clear by the larger font size used to show a passionate, although lewd, exclamation. And while we may be a fan of both carbonara and cheese, if you want to see the words written by Tucci, you'll have to check out the post for yourself.

"Omg, why is this so mesmerizing?" Katie Couric asked. Blake Lively's question, though, is what we all want to know — "Who's genius idea was it to get you a cheese wheel??" Non-celebrities love Tucci's post as well, as seen by the 206,000 likes the post accrued over the course of two days.

Thousands of Instagrammers are loving this carbonara dish

The vast majority of responses to the cheese wheel pasta post were of the gushing variety. However, a few people took issue with the display. One complaint reads "eccato che la carbonara si fa col pecorino romano," which translates "Too bad carbonara is made with pecorino romano." Indeed, the cheese wheel pictured clearly has Parmigiano Reggiano written on the husk. Yes, there is a difference between Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino cheese, but in this instance, we can't say we mind.

Others complained about wastage with comments like "I know it's very popular, but this habit of ruining an entire wheel of good Parmigiano Reggiano for the sake of one meal really hacks me off." Out of the 5,626 comments thus far, just a few complaints like this were sprinkled in, and mostly, we see comments that express our exact sentiments like "I want to be buried in a Parmesan wheel." And really, who wouldn't?