The Big Problem Customers Have With Burger King's New Whopper Melts

In early March, Burger King gave its customers three brand-new options in the form of Whopper Melts after testing the food item in Toledo, Ohio. According to Thrillist, customers can choose between the Whopper Melt, the Spicy Whopper Melt, and the Bacon Whopper Melt. The first variant has two burger patties, onions, American cheese, and Stacker sauce, while the spicy version includes the same ingredients with a few add-ons: jalapeños and a "creamy, spicy sauce." Meanwhile, the bacon version offers the same ingredients as a Whopper Melt coupled with some "crispy bacon."

While the burgers have now been spotted at several outlets across the country, many customers aren't pleased with what they've seen so far. For example, one angry Twitter user lashed out at Burger King, writing of the new Whopper offerings, "Super small, deceptive advertising, untoasted bun, unmelted cheese, costs more than 2 Whoppers. DO NOT BUY THIS. Ordered two the other day. Disaster."

Customers have several complaints

Many customers are unhappy with Burger King's new Whopper Melts because of the products' size. An irate customer mentioned on Twitter that they felt let down by the fast-food item, expecting it to be a lot bigger. They wrote, "... You have the audacity to call it a Whopper when the burger is not even close to the size of a Whopper at all. I ordered thinking because it is called Whopper it would be the size too. I was so disappointed."

Another customer posted a photo of a Whopper Melt next to a nugget to show how small the product is, writing, "Maaaaaaaan. Burger king made those Whopper melts look big as hell on tv." 

Meanwhile, another Twitter user said the Whopper Melt isn't worth the buy because of the size of the burgers and the fact that the bread was reportedly dry. They wrote, "Almost $6 for 2 Whopper JUNIOR patties and some dry untoasted bread." Someone else said their Spicy Whopper Melt came without jalapeños and the bread slices were not toasted which made them feel like they could've prepared the dish at home. They added, "@BurgerKing Should be ashamed! I took a bite just to make sure I wasn't tripping." Plenty of customers aren't pleased with the new Whopper offerings, and they're not afraid to share how they really feel.