Survey Reveals How Many Americans Prefer Flour To Corn Tortillas

Nothing gets the dinner conversation boiling quite like an old school food debate. So, how about this one: Corn versus flour tortillas? Which one do you think reigns supreme?

According to a 1,000-person survey conducted by YouGov, 43 percent of voters prefer flour to corn tortillas (28 percent voted for corn tortillas), while 23 percent of voters said they have no preference. The survey's results also showed that 3 percent more men than women prefer corn tortillas. Exact statistics state that 45 percent of women voted for flour and 26 percent voted for corn whereas 40 percent of men voted for flour and 29 percent voted for corn.

Corn tortillas are traditionally used for tacos, per Food Republic, because they help accentuate other ingredient flavors and spices. Additionally, corn tortillas are always used to make tostadas, tortilla chips, taquitos, enchiladas (they soak up sauce better), and more. On the other hand, flour tortillas are typically used for burritos, tostada bowls (only because of their size), fajitas, flautas, and quesadillas.

Whereas corn tortillas are prevalent in California-style Mexican food, flour tortillas can be favored in Tex-Mex cuisine. Knowing this, it's mind-boggling to see that more West-coasters voted for flour over corn (43 percent versus 29 percent). At the end of the day, it may just come down to preference.

What's the difference between corn and flour tortillas?

Apart from taste, the easiest way to tell a corn tortilla from a flour tortilla is by the tortilla's shape and color. Corn tortillas, which are considered more authentic, have a golden tint to them and are typically smaller; flour tortillas, a Tex-Mex staple, are much larger and white in color (via Uno Casa).

However, their ingredients are what really set them most apart. As the name suggests, flour tortillas are made out of wheat flour, salt, and water. Similar to bread, you knead the mixture into a dough-like consistency; a tortilla press is then required to turn the dough into a tortilla. On the contrary, corn tortillas are more intricate to make because they call for Masa Harina, a combination of maize and lime. The Masa Harina must be incorporated into the dough in order to make authentic corn tortillas.

As far as nutrition is concerned, corn tortillas are healthier, according to Una Casa. Not only are corn tortillas gluten-free and whole grain, but they have fewer carbs and less fat content, and are higher in fiber. The Masa Harina triggers nixtamalization, a process that brings out the nutrients in corn, including vitamins like vitamin B. If you're watching what you eat or looking for healthy options, corn tortillas are the way to go.