Instagram Is Drooling Over Molly Yeh's Pizza Oven

Molly Yeh truly found her niche in the cooking world. According to Food Network, the media personality made waves when she released her memoir, "Molly On The Range: Recipes and Stories from an Unlikely Life on a Farm," in addition to her cookbook, "Yogurt." Her unique take on cooking partially stems from the fact that she "lives on a farm" on the border between Minnesota and North Dakota with her husband, whose family has farmed the land for five generations. From this charming setting, Yeh serves as the host of the show "Girl Meets Farm," though when she's not hosting for Food Network, she spends much of her time baking using the wheat gathered from her property, per her website.

With all of this baking experience, it makes sense that Yeh's skills would cross over into pizza. The star recently showed off a feast on Instagram, and included a few photos of a pizza being prepared and cooked in an old-fashioned, domed pizza oven. Yeh captioned the post with text reading, "#girlmeetsfarmHOUSE is coming right up and it's not only going to include our home reveal, it will also include some mighty delicious food: extra meaty pizza in our new pizza oven (her name is FRIDAY), a giant pile of prosciutto brie cornichon sandwiches for our construction crew, paprikash tot hotdish, and chocolate hazelnut house cake!" The pizza oven particularly captured the imagination of followers, who couldn't wait to jump in with their replies.

Fans displayed a ton of love for Yeh's pizza oven

Fellow Instagrammers couldn't wait to share their thoughts on the one-of-a-kind oven. Replies were copious, ranging from affirmations like, "So exciting and that oven is AMAZING!" to confessions including, "So jealous of that pizza oven!" Duff Goldman chimed in to say, "Dude that oven is doooooope," while others demanded, "I need to see more of that pizza oven!!!"

Some astute observers noted, "Omgggg love that you named the Pizza Oven FRIDAY! How fun! Y'all are too cute!," and, "Love the oven name." And while many did indeed love the oven's name, few could match the excitement of one user, who exclaimed, "DOES YOUR PIZZA OVEN SAY FRIDAY?!!!!!??"

Other commenters were into the trifecta of Yeh, her husband, and the oven, saying, "The picture you the two of you & the pizza oven is the cutest!" All in all, the photos warmed hearts on social media, and the post is probably best summed up with one other person's succinct comment — "So exciting!!" Time to follow Yeh's lead, find some dough, and get tossing.