A Fan-Favorite BJ's Pizookie Is Returning To The Brewhouse Menu

It's easy to fill up on drinks, bread, apps, and entrees when eating out, especially when you're dining at one of BJ's Brewhouse's 200+ locations (via ScrapeHero). Between the chain's 30-item appetizer selection and lengthy list of main courses that range from pasta and pork chops to handcrafted burgers, just reading the menu can leave you feeling stuffed. And while it can be difficult to resist joining the clean plate club when you finally land on the perfect dish to nosh on for lunch or dinner, the eatery encourages patrons to "save enough room for dessert" so they can try what the restaurant has deemed the "shining star" of its dessert menu, the famous Pizookie.

What is a Pizookie, you ask? It's simply a personal pizza-sized cookie (or brownie or monkey bread, depending on which flavor you order) loaded up with two scoops of ice cream and toppings, served warm for a treat that Sweety High describes as "undeniably amazing." The dessert is offered in a range of flavors, from the classic chocolate chunk to strawberry shortcake. This month, Chew Boom reports that another popular Pizookie flavor has rejoined the lineup — though it will only be available for a limited time.

How you can get this limited-edition churro Pizookie for half the price

BJ's Brewhouse is giving its dessert menu a seasonally appropriate makeover by bringing back one of its fan-favorite Pizookie flavors, the churro Pizookie, which Chew Boom reports is currently being offered at the chain for a limited time this spring. Longtime BJ's patrons will likely recognize this seasonal treat, as it made its initial debut at the chain in 2017 (via Facebook). However, for those who aren't familiar, this version replaces the dessert's usual pan-sized cookie with a bed of miniature, cinnamon sugar dusted churros that are then topped with vanilla bean ice cream, per the chain's website.

News of the churro Pizookie's return has generated some serious buzz on social media. "YOU GUYS DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!" wrote one enthusiastic fan in response to an Instagram post announcing its arrival. "STILL DETERMINED TO GET SO MANY PEOPLE TO TRY THIS SO THAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER IT ALL THE TIME! BEST PIZOOKIE HAND DOWN," they added.

According to Chew Boom, the BJ's churro Pizookie will be available in all locations nationwide until May 4 and is currently listed on the chain's menu at $8.25 — though there are many opportunities to grab one at half the price during its stay. As part of the restaurant chain's Daily Brewhouse Specials, customers dining at participating BJ's locations on Tuesdays can order any type of Pizookie, including the returning churro flavor, for $4.