Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Divided On These Gluten-Free Wraps

Trader Joe's may not have nailed it on this new product. Coming on the tailwind of its well-received cauliflower thins and jicama wraps, the grocer's new gluten-free wraps have shoppers divided. Labeled simply as Trader Joe's egg wraps, the package contains tortilla-shaped egg products and is labeled as gluten-free, dairy-free, and ready to eat, as shown on Instagram. Fan account @traderjoeslist describes the product, available for $4.69, as "another egg-celent idea from #TraderJoes!" They go on, "These wraps are the perfect tortilla alternative." 

In response to the poster's question, "Will you be adding these to your #traderjoeslist?" one follower said, "Finally one without dairy!!!" while others said they "need to" try the wraps. Another wrote, "I used to make my own! These have got to be way easier!" Other shoppers, however, aren't as enthusiastic. One customer who tried the egg wraps said, "I didn't like them. They have a weird texture. They tear and get soggy too easily." While Trader Joes' website doesn't appear to have further information about the product, social media is happy to help solve the mystery of what these egg wraps really are and how they taste.

Trader Joe's egg wraps have mixed reviews

Instagram photos by @traderjoeslist reveal package directions to enjoy the egg wraps directly from the refrigerator — or to warm them using the stove or microwave. They're made with eggs, gluten-free flour, olive oil, salt, and pepper and contain 30 calories and 4 grams of protein each. While Club Trader Joe's suggested eating the chain's cauliflower thins hot and plain "like a frittata," and Daily Waffle preferred using TJ's vegan jicama wraps as a low-carb taco shell, shoppers have different suggestions for these egg wraps. "I got the Costco version of these and they're so weird used as a tortilla! But they could probably be yummy used as a crepe... like maybe with Nutella and strawberries," one customer commented on Instagram. Another fan said they "baked it with Boursin cheese in it," declaring it "good and filling." Someone else enjoyed the wraps with avocado and smoked salmon.

Not all member of the Instagram community are enthused about these high-protein vehicles for comfort food. Said one disappointed sampler, "They don't taste that good and your fridge will stink like somebody farted in there and closed the door real quickly." Another non-fan said, "Of all the things I never needed, I never needed these the most." Others are concerned about the "junk" in the ingredients list, such as xanthan gum. Based on these mixed reviews, the final verdict on these egg wraps may depend on your dietary needs and however you choose to eat them.