Joe Jonas' New Gin Ad Is A Comical Take On A Popular Netflix Show

Tea time became "T-time" when singer Joe Jonas went back in time — well, sort of — to find out what it was like to be a member of Netflix's Regency-era "Bridgerton" family in a comical new ad for Tanqueray gin. Introducing himself as "Joseph Jonas the first," the singer informed audiences, "I know you might be thinking I'm a Jonas, not a Bridgerton. While that might be true, the internet has been kind enough to point out I do look like one, and I feel like I'm getting the hang of it." What follows is two minutes of hilarity, as Joe Jonas attempts to pick up the skills needed to become a Regency-era gentleman ("looking fancy, sipping on gin with pinkies up and dancing") — with some help with Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey, who plays Lord Anthony Bridgerton, and comedian Phoebe Robinson, per People.

The popular gin brand couldn't have found a better way to become part of the widely anticipated Season 2 of "Bridgerton," which became one of Netflix's biggest successes in 2021. Variety reports that in order to discover an organic way for Tanqueray and Netflix to collaborate on the new ad, the latter's marketing executives had to go on social media to learn about the buzz behind the show, as well as the kinds of fan behaviors out there. The publication credits this research as the reason they found out fans thought Joe Jonas looked like a Bridgerton.

The Tanqueray/Netflix collaboration goes beyond the video

The collaboration was a natural fit for Joe Jonas because, as he told People, he'd worked with the brand before. "I had done a campaign with Tanqueray before for their Sevilla Orange gin, and I had such a blast on set with the team. When they presented the 'Bridgerton idea, I couldn't help but say, 'Yes, of course,' because for years, me and my brothers have gotten tagged in photos of mocked up images of us in 'Bridgerton.' "

The collaboration goes beyond the video. Variety says fans are being encouraged to share a photo or video on social media and which shows off their best examples of dancing, drinking, or dressing up for "T-time" and they could win one of three experiences: VIP access to The Queen's Ball in New York City; a "Bridgerton" viewing with 10 friends at a posh hotel suite or other location; or a "live oil painting" in a luxury hotel with costumes inspired by the show and a painter to create a Regency style painting of the attendees.

Whether Jonas ends up succeeding in his quest to become a Bridgerton may be up for debate, because as the show's star Johnathon Bailey pointed out, the singer succeeds in "maybe being a really distant, estranged cousin." What we're sure of is that Tanqueray and Netflix succeed in bringing the ad campaign to the next level, just in time to try one of the best gin cocktails for spring.