MOD Pizza's March Madness Deal Is A Watch-Party Win

You might not expect it, but pizza and basketball go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Raptors have a deal where the team hands out free slices of pizzas to fans in Ontario anytime the team scores at least 100 points and wins at home. USA Today reports that Blaze Pizza decided to throw LeBron James a "LABron Free Pizza Party" in celebration of the athlete joining The Lakers, and the chain handed out free pizza to fans in Los Angeles back in 2018. MOD Pizza has now stepped up to the plate and has a deal in store for college basketball fans.

According to Brand Eating, the pizza company plans to give anyone planning a watch party an easier time when it comes to crafting a feast. Diners who order three pizzas or salads from the restaurant chain can get a fourth pizza or salad on the house. The deal, which closes on March 20, comes in tandem with the start of college basketball's March Madness but has a few strings attached.

Hoops to jump through for MOD Pizza

According to AP News, anyone looking to grab a free pizza as part of this deal first needs to make sure that they have already registered through MOD Pizza's rewards program. The offer covers all of the restaurant's locations, but also requires the pizza chain's app. In order to grab the deal, anyone can place an order via the app and has to select "MOD-size" pizzas or salads in order to grab the deal. While the deal only covers one size, customers have the choice of loading up their pizza with whatever they desire. After selecting three pizzas, the user can continue to the payment screen, where they should receive a MOD rewards prompt that lets them add on a fourth pie.

While this deal might not look as flashy as LeBron James' LA pizza party, it should definitely help encourage some fans to watch the first playoff games together at home. Either way, promotions like this continue to prove that basketball and pizza just fit together perfectly.