Dunkin' Fans Are Relating To This Hilarious Shoutout

Yesterday, Dunkin' decided to take a second shot at a shoutout. On March 7, the chain tweeted, "goodnight to people with glove compartments filled with Dunkin' napkins." However, whoever on the social media team is responsible for the company's Twitter account neglected the fact that in Massachusetts, the company's home state, it was ten in the morning.

"It's 10:41 in the morning," one wrote. "You didn't have your coffee." However, others did take the post in the spirit with which it was intended. "The stack in my work desk drawer," came the admission. "How did you know?" Another expanded the point, "Don't forget the Dunkin' straws people." 

Evidently, the team was pleased with this because they transferred the tweet to Instagram yesterday. Over 33,000 people recognized some form of themselves. With the exception of those shouting "Bring back hazelnut swirl," the comments were filled with variations of "It's me" and tags to friends so they could feel seen.

The napkins even serve as a clue

In February, one person who forgot to dispose of their Dunkin' napkin was arrested for stealing a vehicle. As NorthcentralPA.com reports, a resident of New Berlin, Pennsylvania reported their vehicle was stolen. The police quickly located the missing vehicle and found a napkin from Dunkin'. They called the restaurant and received video footage of the driver from the drive-thru, and they managed to apprehend them.

The move of cramming cars with paper napkins reflects how snacking and smaller, on-the-go meals have become more prevalent (per Vox). While many people who are snacking are trending away from using paper napkins, the response to the Dunkin' Instagram post shows that not everyone is done with the product. In addition to the glove compartment, some commenters identified the center console and passenger side floor as holding places for Dunkin paper scraps. Perhaps one day the napkins will be gone altogether, but until then some customers can recognize themselves in the image of the overflowing glove compartment.