Budweiser Is Testing Out A 'Supreme' New Drink. Here's Where To Try It

Budweiser entered a whole new era recently when it debuted its latest adult beverage. According to Bustle, Budweiser released Bud Light Next, which made waves as the brand's first beer that lacked any semblance of carbs, in February. The beer company plans to keep marching forward with another product rollout that offers an updated look for the company.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Budweiser plans to release Budweiser Supreme, a golden lager that features honey malt, to the public soon. The brand claims that the beer has a smooth taste, partially thanks to the beer getting triple-filtered, but very few markets have gotten a chance to stock this product so far. WLWT5 reports that Ohio gets the honor of trying the beer first before any other test market. While the state may have the chance to sample the Supreme beer first, Budweiser plans to tap a few other areas across the country as guinea pigs for the new beverage.

Where to try Budweiser Supreme

Anyone looking to sample this new beer has to travel to one of five areas across the U.S. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio joins New York, Washington, D.C., Central California, and West Texas in testing out Budweiser Supreme. WTOP notes that Budweiser should release the product to other states soon, and the beer company has high hopes for the product. The brand has developed the new beer over the course of two years and chose the name "Supreme" simply because they believe the beer ranks as the best with a very affordable price tag.

Budweiser may have high expectations for the new beer, but the reviews have been mixed so far. Over on Untappd, the beer has currently earned a score of 2.7 out of 5, based on 620 ratings. Drinkers have responded to the beer, saying, "It's like they skipped the beechwood aging step. I almost feel bad for people here. They're getting the worst Budweiser, and that's saying something," and, "Cleaner than the original one, but not much to appreciate." Budweiser could theoretically still tweak its recipe, but unless something changes, it sounds like the brand might have a problem on its hands.