Jacob Elordi Revealed The One Food Combination He Hates On Hot Ones

If you've never watched "Hot Ones," you are really missing out. The YouTube show consists of spicy hot chicken wings eaten by your favorite celebrities — which is the purest form of entertainment — and actor Jacob Elordi, who you may recognize from HBO's "Euphoria," was the most recent interviewee to take the heat.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Elordi talked about all things food with "Hot Ones" host Sean Evans. When asked about a previous guests' harsh opinion on Australian burgers, the "Euphoria" star had a lot to say. "I think Australians make the best burgers in the world because they put everything on them" (via Youtube). He goes on to explain that toppings such as eggs, bacon, avocado, a variety of cheeses, and mayonnaise are stacked onto the sandwich.

"The more the merrier on burgers," Elordi continues. However, as the interview continues, "the more the merrier" does not align with one particular food combination. Evans mentioned beets and pineapples on burgers in which "The Kissing Booth" star replied, "There's no chance I am doing that."

Jacob Elordi hates the concept of meat and fruit put together

Meat and fruit is nowhere near the top of Jacob Elordi's food favorites and he describes his childhood experience with the two foods by saying, "My mom used to make this mango chicken salad and it would piss me off so much every time." Admittedly, a mango chicken salad does sound yummy, though.

He continues, "It tasted good but it made me so mad. I was like there's this delicious chicken and delicious mango and you f—ed them by putting them together — I hated that." Now you know how strongly Elordi feels about this food combination. When it comes to meat and fruit, tacos immediately come to mind, so one can only wonder what he thinks about those.

As for what Elordi does eat, Men's Health revealed his daily lineup relies on his current project. Typically, however, the "Deep Water" actor enjoys a morning juice, sushi, and eats pasta due to its simplicity.