What American Fast Food Looks Like Around The World, According To Reddit

American fast food is popular for a reason: According to USA Today, most major chains have signature hits that have earned a permanent spot on the menu. For example, Burger King has the Whopper, a versatile burger that can be customized in several ways, while the McDonald's menu includes popular items such as the Big Mac, a fast food burger that has earned immense popularity over the years. 

However, Reddit users are intrigued by how American fast food has been embraced in different parts of the world. One Reddit user asked others to explain what fast food looks like outside the U.S., writing, "You know how the U.S. has Americanized Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Mexican food, etc. at restaurants, especially large chains? Usually because the actual ingredients are hard to come by or to appeal to local audiences." The post continued, "Well, I wanna know what the Taco Bell of America is outside of America." As it turns out, there are lots of varied and interesting answers to this question. For instance, a respondent from the Bahamas said that Burger King offers a "Bahamian classic" for breakfast, which consists of "spicy canned corned beef in tomato sauce over grits." 

Still, there are many more fast food differences around the world.

The world has taken large freedoms with American fast food

According to a Reddit user who's familiar with American fast food in India, popular chains such as McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and KFC offer several interesting menu items based on local tastes. For example, the McAloo Tikki burger is easy to find at any McDonald's outlet in India. It's a vegetarian burger that includes a potato patty with peas, sweet mayo, onions, tomatoes, and spices (via the McDonald's India website.) The burger made its debut in 1998 and became popular among customers, prompting McDonald's to market the item as one of its most iconic products.

Meanwhile, another Reddit user wrote about their Costco experience in Taiwan, saying, "I had some Peking duck pizza from Costco in Taiwan a while ago. It was glorious. Bubble tea pizza on the other hand...is maybe a bit much for me." Meanwhile, a British commentator wrote about coming across an "American Pizza" in Domino's and said that it included ingredients such as pickles, corn, sliced hot dogs, and "a drizzle of mustard." Another user was surprised by this comment and said, "Man, that is... something. I wouldn't be grossed out by it, and can see some people liking it, but I don't think I could be one of them. Maybe I'm not American enough."

Another Reddit user also mentioned that it's normal for popular brands like KFC and McDonald's to adapt their menus based on local cuisines. Menu differences even exist within the United States. For instance, McDonald's outlets in Hawaii offer spam and rice, while the rest of U.S. McDonald's don't.