Padma Lakshmi Is Sometimes Tempted To Say This To Top Chef Contestants

Competing on a popular show like "Top Chef" is not a cakewalk and requires contestants to brace themselves for a host of unprecedented challenges. 

According to Delish, participants need immense stamina and determination to get through the show. Former contestant Brooke Williamson said that she prepped for "Top Chef" by working out regularly and even increased her workouts from three to six every week. "It's very physical because the hours are really long," she said.

What does it take for the chefs to win over the judges, though? Well, according to "Top Chef" host and judge Padma Lakshmi, participants can impress her by ensuring that their dish has what it takes to truly impress a restaurant customer and keep them coming back for more. 

"Whenever I judge a dish I'm looking at it, sort of, is it possible to pay this, a certain amount of money per person for this meal, and get dressed up, and get a babysitter? Like, is this meal worth it? So I think having a difference in perspective," she said.

Recently, a fan on Twitter asked Lakshmi whether she ever feels like warning the contestants before the start of every challenge. Turns out, the TV personality is often tempted to do exactly that.

Padma Lakshmi doesn't mind being honest on Top Chef

A "Top Chef" fan had a simple question for Padma Lakshmi and wrote on Twitter, "@PadmaLakshmi, do you ever want to add '...and DON'T f*** it up' after you give @BravoTopChef contestants their challenge? I hear you say it in my head." The TV personality was rather amused by this and replied, "LOL!! It's tempting!" 

To be fair, Lakshmi does understand that it's not easy for anyone to participate in a show as competitive as "Top Chef" and knows that they need a lot of encouragement to survive the grueling tasks. She once told Bravo TV that the participants are the real "stars of the show" and the judges are only there to offer their views on the dishes and "to shepherd everyone along."

"Hopefully I'm there to make sure that the contestants don't lose morale 'cause it's very tiring," she said. "As hard as 'Top Chef' looks on TV, it's much, much harder in person."