Geoffrey Zakarian's Favorite Espresso Martini 'Tastes Like Coffee On Steroids'

Espresso and cocktails go together like peanut butter and jelly. Some embrace the sweeter side of the drink by pairing espresso with creme de cacao, vanilla ice cream, sugar syrup, and more, per Difford's Guide. Others play up the bold flavors of the beverage and pair it with salt, tequila, and even absinthe. 

But mixologists have found a happy middle ground in the form of an espresso martini. According to, the bare-bone basics of this classic cocktail consist of vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, and simple syrup. If you feel like adding a fancy touch, you can garnish the drink with espresso beans.

A number of variations on this martini have popped up over the years, and, now, Geoffrey Zakarian has taken a stab at it, too. In a March 19 Instagram post, the celebrity chef walks followers through his take on the cocktail and explains why his version tastes like no other. 

Zakarian whipped up the drink in honor of National Espresso Martini Day, March 15. And the chef's take on this martini proved extra special thanks to one key ingredient.

This is Geoffrey Zakarian's go-to espresso martini ingredient

As Geoffrey Zakarian walked fans through his espresso martini recipe, the chef talked up the use of Galliano Espresso, a coffee liqueur made from a mix of coffee beans, per Toast. "It's an Old World recipe," he said. "It tastes like coffee on steroids." Zakarian also says you need to use chilled glasses to make the cocktail just right.

Responses poured in from fans who loved the concoction. Takes included, "That martini is calling my name," and "Well, looks like we're day drinkin' in the office ... again. Lol. Cheers GZ." Others responded with, "I must try it's one of my favorites thank you!!!!" and "Looks Delicious! Yes I will have one! Cheers!" 

Zakarian's espresso martini recipe had fans hyped to try his unique creation. With a bit of luck, the chef may have pushed espresso-based mixed drinks into new directions, thanks to his take.