Del Taco Just Brought Back Three Fan-Favorite Chocolatey Drinks

Del Taco has previously come up with interesting milkshake options, such as the Churro Dipper Shake, a vanilla shake with chocolate swirls that was first launched in 2018. According to Bake Mag, the milkshake included a crispy churro that was meant to replace a traditional straw. Barry Westrum, the former Chief Marketing Officer at Del Taco said in a statement, "Its [the churro's] ridges are the perfect tool for collecting and savoring the leftover chocolate sauce and ice cream that the straw couldn't quite get."

And in 2021, the company launched three milkshakes that were ideal for chocolate lovers: the Oreo Cookie Horchata Shake, the Mexican Chocolate Shake, and the Mocha Iced Coffee (via Food Beast). Back then, several excited Twitter users mentioned that they couldn't wait to try the new shakes. 

While the three milkshakes were taken off the menu, they've finally made a comeback and are now available at Del Taco locations, per Brand Eating

The Del Taco shakes will be available for a limited time

According to a new report by Brand Eating, Del Taco has officially brought back its three chocolate-flavored milkshakes in time for the summer: the Mexican Chocolate Shake, the Oreo Cookie Horchata Shake, and the Mocha Iced Coffee. Note that the three beverages will be sold at Del Taco outlets for a limited time. While the Mexican Chocolate Shake includes horchata syrup, the Oreo Cookie Horchata shake is a vanilla milkshake that has Oreo cookies as well as horchata syrup. Meanwhile, the Mocha Iced Coffee is a creamy beverage that is made using chocolate syrup and plenty of ice.

The Oreo Cookie Horchata Shake is especially popular among customers at Del Taco: a Twitter user wrote, "I couldn't decide if I wanted a Vanilla or Oreo Cookie Horchata Shake; so, I bought both!!! They're Del-icious!!," while someone else said, "This Oreo cookie horchata shake gone be the death of me."