Here's How The Fresh Market's New Loyalty Program Works

With nearly 160 stores across the United States today, The Fresh Market has been growing in popularity among consumers. According to a press release published by the brand, the market was voted "Best Supermarket in America" for the last two consecutive years. However, The Fresh Market has always lacked a rewards program — until now.

Many grocery chains across the United States offer rewards of some kind. They are sometimes offered in the form of points, dollars, or coupons. There has been some discussion of a Fresh Market rewards program among consumers, with a few users voicing on Reddit that the grocery chain does not actually have a program despite some ongoing confusion surrounding the idea. Now the chain has announced in its press release that it is offering a loyalty program to all members for the first time since the company opened its doors in 1982 – and it's so easy to sign up.

All about Fresh Market's new loyalty program

"We took all the best of the best elements from our key learnings and applied them to our brand ... to create the Ultimate Loyalty Experience," Kevin Miller, The Fresh Market's Chief Marketing Officer, said of the company's new program, per the press release.

The Fresh Market touts one of its most exciting features as being a "free slice of birthday cake" for the loyalty member's birthday. The new program will also feature plenty of offers and coupons exclusive to members, plus the opportunity to earn free products or the perk of saving money at the grocery store on certain products the user frequently buys (via Supermarket News). This aspect is known as The Club Hub, and it features five separate clubs (in the realms of meal kits, cheese, panini, flowers, and coffee) that consumers can join. Another club is expected to be rolled out soon, according to the release.

For those who can't wait to register for the program, The Fresh Market website offers the ability to sign up. Other methods include texting "FRESH" to 31757 or scanning a QR code in the store. Otherwise, you can offer up your email next time you're at the checkout counter.