Instagram Is Loving Martha Stewart's Marathon Runner Shoutout

Many associate Martha Stewart with homemaking, cooking, and crafts, but no one should discount the television personality's prowess when it comes to working out. According to Stewart's website, the star exercises every morning and used to do yoga with an instructor before the pandemic. Her regimen at her home gym includes the use of weights, exercise balls, and "the latest machines," such as a Peloton. An Insider reporter replicated Stewart's workout routine for a week and found lots of sweat, soreness, and feelings of accomplishment in the process.

While Stewart clearly spends a lot of time focusing on her own physical fitness, she's not too busy to give a shoutout to fellow active people she admires — such as one marathon runner she praised this week on social media. The lifestyle celebrity posted a photo on Instagram of Viviana Denig, who works as a medical assistant at NYU Langone Health. "Yesterday she completed the New York half marathon in preparation for the Boston Marathon in preparation for the New York marathon," Stewart wrote in the caption. "She had a good day and said she barely ached today after running a new course from Brooklyn to Manhattan Congratulations!!!"

Stewart's followers echoed her support of the runner

Stewart's post about Denig attracted a ton of attention. Fans responded with, "Martha you always recognize those people in your life who strive for excellence. I admire you for that," and, "I love this type of praise!!" Another chimed in, "Very impressive time," referencing a photo in the slideshow of Denig's 01:58:12 timing for the 13.1-mile route. Others were especially happy to see Stewart using her platform to lift up another woman. "So cool! Women on top," one commenter wrote, while another said, "Women supporting women!!!!!"

In fact, Stewart frequently takes to Instagram to share stories about the women she admires. Last week, she shouted out designer Suzie Kondi for her "comfortable, attractive, colorful clothing for women and girls." Earlier this month, she attended a tribute event for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and complimented the speeches given by Diane von Furstenberg and Nancy Pelosi.