A TikTok Barista Just Set The Record Straight About Target Starbucks

A variety of myths and misconceptions about Starbucks have popped up over the years. But, much to the contrary, The Washington Post reports that the brand does not put smaller coffee chains out of business, they don't serve burnt coffee, and despite its image, it's not really meant to be a local meeting space. Employees have pointed out other truths regarding this café chain over the years, and now, one Target Starbucks employee wants to set the record straight.

TikToker @coffeefanatics recently took to the social media platform to answer one customer's gripe about how they feel Starbucks inside Target stores aren't "as good as other locations." The TikToker replied, refuting the myth that Target Starbucks employees receive less training than their contemporaries at other corporate locations. They claim that this myth has no basis in reality, as Target Starbucks employees receive the same training as all other workers with the brand, in addition to extra Target-related training. While the baristas allegedly have the same recipe cards at all locations, the TikToker pointed out there is just one thing that might make a Target Starbucks sub-par.

It all comes down to location, location, location

The TikToker went on to describe that the quality of any Starbucks location comes down to management. Some locations employ fewer baristas than necessary, resulting in mistakes in orders and lower quality overall. The original poster, who claims to have worked at a variety of Starbucks over the years, doesn't even frequent the primary brick-and-mortar location in their own area because they have found that one further away just makes the drinks better.

The TikTok video has seen a ton of views and received a lot support since being posted online. Daily Dot confirms that fellow Starbucks employees hailed the video as a great debunking piece, and many jumped into the comments section to double down on specific location issues stemming back to management problems. Other patrons backed up the myths they've been hearing, and responded to the video with thoughts like, "I've never seen three people at a Target Starbucks at 'my Target,' it's usually one person," and another said, "I used to work at the Starbucks in an airport and it was not fun, I was always by myself. Such a long story."

So, the next time you hit up your local Target and get a coffee craving, have no fear approaching the built-in Starbucks location. With any luck, it might just prove to be better than your regular go-to location.