What Makes M&M's New Limited-Time Treat So Unique

M&M's have definitely established their presence in the candy market over the years and are now considered to be a crowd favorite. According to Taste of Home, the brand was launched in 1941 and got its name from its founders' last names, Forrest Mars and William Murrie. The candy remains distinctive thanks to the 'm' that is stamped on every piece to ensure that it remains easy to recognize in a market that is flooded with similar candy options.

The company has now launched a new product for its fans: the M&M's Munchums. It describes the product as "a totally new type of chocolate snack" that is offered in two different flavors: milk chocolate and salted caramel. The two products are only available for a limited period, according to a post on the company's official Instagram page that reads, "A chocolate snack? Count us in. For a limited time, try M&M'S Munchums Chocolate Baked Snacks!" Understandably, fans are excited and have left scores of comments on the post.

It's a real treat for chocolate fans

A description on M&M's official website states, "Inside our unique, crunchy baked outer shell is a crispy center coated in milk chocolate." It adds that the M&M's Munchums are made with natural flavors, are lower in sugar compared to regular M&M candies (around 40% less sugar), and are gluten-free too, making the candy a good option for all kinds of consumers.

As expected, fans are already looking forward to the new snack. An Instagram user wrote on M&M's official page, "These look super interesting" while someone else said, "I cannot wait to try these...maybe a peanut butter chocolate in the works??"

Per Best Products, consumers can get their hands on 4.94-ounce bags of the snack — each pack has 70 pieces and can be purchased on the brand's official website as well as on DoorDash and in certain Walmart and Wegmans outlets (it's already out of stock on mms.com, though).