It's Now Easier Than Ever To Order Carlo's Bakery Treats Right To Your Door

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Buddy Valastro just made an announcement on Instagram. "You can now order a [Carlo's Bakery] cake right on AMAZON and have it delivered to your doorstep!" he wrote. Moreover, he dropped a discount code for his fans and followers to use on their first purchase from Carlo's Bakery's store on Amazon, saying, "Need a cake in a rush? Visit our Amazon Shop today and also receive a 10% discount on your next purchase! Use Promo Code: 10AMZNBAKERY."

Judging from reviews of products on Amazon, it seems the service has already proved to be a hit. The vanilla rainbow cake, for example, currently has one very positive review from March 13, which says, "If you can't get it from his shop this is the next best thing." At first, the reviewer didn't think that a cake shipped with dry ice would remain fresh. However, they were proven wrong: "Couldn't tell any difference from buying it fresh. Fantastic flavor, moist cake, and lots of smiles from the kids."

Not Carlo's first digital expansion

This is the second digital prong Buddy Valastro has pushed in recent months. In September, Eater announced the debut of Buddy V's Cake Slice.

Buddy V's Cake Slice was Valastro's move to partner with Virtual Dining Concepts and jump on the ghost kitchen bandwagon. However, Eater explained that this concept would work differently than say, MrBeast Burger. Instead of having each independently-run kitchens bake cakes branded with Valastro's name, Valastro will send individual cake slices to participating locations to then deliver as a third party. Again, the delivery aspect is placed front and center.

In the hours that followed the sharing of Valastro's post, his online audience continued to flood him with their excited comments, with one person saying, "OMG this is AMAZING! I have your cakes in our freezer for everyone's birthday!!!" and another noting, "Stop it! That's amazing!!!" Others expressed their happiness with the news by way of emoji, including hearts and clapping hands.