This Reddit Hack Could Prevent Your Fried Egg Sandwich Bread From Going Soggy

Few disasters are more traumatic to a sandwich than the curse of soggy bread. Dry bread is bad enough, but culinary expectations can be dashed when liquid or goo transforms a sandwich into mushy, sticky gunk.

Soggy bread can have many causes. Grease can be a major offender, but spitting bacon and making one of many common mistakes when cooking eggs can also produce equal amounts of disappointment and chaos. Fortunately, Reddit users have battled hard to resolve this substantial issue.

A post uploaded to the Food Hacks section of Reddit offers a solution to the conundrum of ketchup causing soggy bread on an egg sandwich: a cheese crust on the inside of each slice of bread. Although the uploader doesn't explain their reasoning, presumably the hardened cheese acts as a barrier that protects the bread from liquid-induced sogginess. The inventive technique impressed many Reddit users, who lavish praise on the ingenious scheme and share potential alterations of their own.

Reddit users offer many more solutions for soggy bread

One Reddit user believes that the crusty layer of cheese could be improved with a layer of hash browns. This addition would give the bread greater protection from sogginess, and — most importantly — even more flavor. Another solution many commentators suggest is dunking the sandwich in a puddle of ketchup, rather than spreading it across the bread. One Redditor recommends a simple option — toasting the bread to give it more rigidity. Another comment notes that the solution lies in how it's eaten — just consume the sandwich well before it becomes soggy.

A major cause of concern revolves around the Reddit uploader's decision to crack their eggs before placing them in the sandwich, for which many label the person a "monster." Other Reddit users question the legitimacy of complimenting eggs with ketchup at all, with one declaring the practice an "abomination" for which they are "disappointed in society for allowing such an awful thing to happen so much."

For those seeking non-cheese options to prevent soggy sandwiches, Kitchn recommends using crusty bread, avoiding warm fillings, and adding generous layers of condiments to act as a moisture barrier between the ingredients and bread.