Here's What Jack Harlow Actually Orders From KFC

On March 24, KFC debuted Jack Harlow's Kentucky Fried Favorites. The Grammy-nominated rapper grew up eating KFC and according to the press release, the two are said to be "Already Best Friends." The press release explains that the selected menu items are Harlow's "go-to's," so there is not a new item or combo, simply a new subsection of the menu informing customers that these items happen to be the favorites of KFC's celebrity collaborator.

The choices include KFC's chicken sandwich, a four-piece chicken tender combo, fries, mac & cheese, and a biscuit. For the full Jack Harlow experience, you should choose the spicy chicken sandwich over the classic one. You can find these items under the "Jack's Favorites" section on KFC's website and app.

This is part of a year-long campaign upon which KFC has embarked with the musician. As Marketing Dive reported in December, they began by bringing a food truck to the singer's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Harlow has stated that "Partnering up with KFC feels like poetic justice. I've begun traveling the world and no matter how far I go, KFC is one of the first things people want to bring up when they find out where I'm from." 

Fast food and celebrity collaborations are trending

KFC's decision to partner with Jack Harlow was described by Marketing Dive as a new approach, however, fast food and celebrity partnerships have become a rather established form of advertisement.

Back in September of 2020, McDonald's announced the Travis Scott meal, which ran until October 4 of that year. After that, Business Insider notes, "the very same meal will be available after that date. You will just need to order a burger, fries, and Sprite instead of asking for the 'Travis Scott Meal.'"

The gimmick picked up over the course of a year. Days before KFC announced that they had joined the game, The New York Times hailed "The Era of the Celebrity Meal." Tim Hortons had hit up Justin Bieber, McDonald's had continued with a slew of celebs, and Megan Thee Stallion had agreed to partner with Popeyes. In each case, both menu staples and overlooked items gained the aura of divine celebrity, drawing customers with an adoration for social media interactions. 

Nick Chavez, the Chief Marketing Officer of KFC, explains it clearly in the press release."It goes without saying that our classics will never go out of style, but as Jack's favorites, a few of them are getting celebrity status,"