The Brownie Recipe Invading TikTok Comments Sections

If you're in the market for a brownie recipe, TikTok may have one for you — but it may not be as easy to make as you think.

First off, it does not appear to actually be a full recipe: While it might list all the ingredients you'd probably need for a decent 8x8 tray of brownies, this latest viral TikTok recipe trend doesn't provide any instructions that might help you make those brownies a reality. No pan size, no oven temperature, nothing. Secondly, the half-a-recipe is only popping up in the comments section in completely random, unrelated posts. They also start the same way, by saying, "Anyway here's the recipe for brownies," before listing out, "1/2 cup butter, 2 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1/3 cup cocoa powder, 2 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/2 cup flour." Then the comment comes to an abrupt end (via SK Pop).

Whoever came up with the trend might have thought they were onto something funny. However, it's putting more than a few people off and leading frustrated TikTok users to go on Twitter to complain about it. "So ppl be hating the "here's the recipe for brownies" thingy on TikTok but they also make it the top trend here on Twitter," one social media user said. Another raged, "Can't even read TikTok comments without a barrage of "ok cool but here's the recipe for brownies" that s**t was never funny bruv."

This may not be the first time this brownie recipe went viral

This may not be the first time a brownie recipe has been used to aggravate TikTok before. One user may have given us a clue as to when it first started by pointing out, "Everyone leaving the brownie recipes in the TikTok comments feels very stale seeing as its a recycled joke from one direction stan Twitter from like 2014 or something." We may be no closer to working out why this half-a-recipe has suddenly made a reappearance, but Mashable offers one reason why this trend appears to be taking off. They suggest that people may enjoy the annoying, spammy comment and will continue to post it as a joke.

If this trend is more frustrating than funny to you, perhaps the best thing to do would be to not interact with TikTok at all — at least for a while. As TikTok put it, recommendations are linked to factors that include user interactions, which include content you like or share, or comments you post. So if you ignore the recipe that might give the annoying trend time to blow over and a new one to take its place.