Reddit Is Bonding Over Cutting Board Hacks And Jokes

Cutting boards can make life a lot easier by allowing you to chop vegetables, meats, and other ingredients with ease and without the mess. You're also less likely to accidentally hurt yourself as you prep your recipe's ingredients. According to The Kitchn, it's never a bad idea to choose a massive cutting board that allows you to chop your food without added stress. Also, it's wise to invest in a few plastic boards for chopping meat simply because you can ensure that the cutting board is properly cleaned and sanitized later.

Believe it or not, cutting boards can be a bit of a controversial subject and may lead to elaborate discussions among kitchen enthusiasts. One Redditor wrote that their cutting board was damaged beyond repair after their "cleaning lady warped it in the dishwasher." They added that the product wasn't great to begin with, and asked other Redditors, "Anyone culty about the cutting board they use? I'm looking to join that kind of cult." Surprisingly, nearly 300 commentators had plenty of interesting opinions to offer on cutting boards in general.

Cutting board tips and tricks

Redditors offer a variety of tips when it comes to ensuring that cutting boards last for a long time, including "Never chop on the logo side, thats for when you are storing it in view, and it keeps the logo/pattern nice and fresh."

One Redditor reports that allowing cutting boards to stay moist for too long can ruin it, then added, "I exclusively put them in the dishwasher anyway because I'm a lazy s** and the warping is barely noticeable." Another user shares an interesting way to clean chopping boards by popping them into the bathtub for a full and thorough rinse saying, "I'm serious. Bring in the dish soap and a scrub brush and use hot water from the tub faucet. Works perfectly." 

Meanwhile, a tip from another user suggests that a farmers' market is a great place to find some incredible cutting boards for everyday use which prompted someone else to write, "[The chopping boards are] usually in the shape of whatever state you live in. Lol." Another believes that less is more, stating, "I have a minimal requirements for my cutting boards. Heres the list:- BIG SLAB OF WOOD."

Whether using a wooden or plastic cutting board, you can find some great tips on this Reddit thread, along with some entertaining quips. However, here's why you should think twice before using a glass cutting board.