Instagram Finds Michael Symon's Simple Breakfast Super Relatable

Eating breakfast before starting your day doesn't have to take too much time. According to Good Housekeeping, you can hit the morning running with a breakfast smoothie or a bowl of instant oatmeal topped off with nuts and dried cranberries. A larger, easy breakfast doesn't have to prove difficult either. Anyone who wants a more decadent meal can utilize a sheet pan to create anything from pancakes to egg scrambles.

While many folks quickly move through this meal in the morning, Michael Symon knows the value of sitting down with a simple breakfast before starting his daily tasks. The chef recently took to Instagram to show off his simple breakfast of cereal, and captioned the photo of his morning bowl of Cheerios with, "I know there are a lot of fancy cereals out there these days but I still love Cheerios with a banana... not ad, just love Cheerios..." Followers loved how down-to-earth the meal looks and couldn't wait to share their thoughts on this quick morning meal.

Fans love Symon's Cheerios

Some fellow Instagrammers chimed in with their own love for Cheerios. Replies ranged from, "Cheerios are also the best take along or anytime kid snack, by itself or a mix in," all the way to, "Personally I'm a honey nut girl, but I forget how good they are until I have them again!!" One user reminisced, saying, "My mom would buy those for us as kids because they weren't full of sugar then turn around and put the sugar bowl out on the table for us to load them up with sugar," while another jumped in with, "Especially after they get nice & milk logged after about 10 mins then they're perfect. Miss me some Cheerios, kinda."

Symon's breakfast quickly struck a chord with a few followers who commented with, "Forever a classic go to. I love the new flavor strawberry banana," and "My fav all the way too! (only bananas)." One lifelong cereal lover even jumped in with, "60+ years & still my go to for cold cereal!" No matter which way you look at it, Symon's morning Cheerios shoutout touched a ton of his fans and proves that a simple breakfast works for everyone, including professional chefs.